Custom Development

We tailor-made solutions to realize your business needs.

Data Ownership

Your data belongs to your organisation. We will not monetize or share your data to any other companies except our selected few internal engineers for troubleshoots.

Support & Maintenance

Our team will support and maintan the application after completion. New feature requests will be scheduled in our weekly development sprint.

Trust & Candor

We only accept projects that are within our capability and current capacity. When it seems like a stretch for us, we'll voice up before estimation of time & costs.

Towards Gold Standard

Our Development Process

RecursiveX adopts an iterative methodology to build your custom applications. Upon requirements agreement and sign off, the project will commence.

Development is broken down to 2 weeks sprints. We will work closely with you to make sure the development is inline with your needs. This helps to rollout a successful application.

Requirements Gathering
Requirements Gatheri...
Estimate Time
& Cost
Estimate Time...
Official Approval & Sign Off
Sign off...
Development Cycle
(2 Weeks Sprint)
Development cycle...
User Acceptant Test
(for Current Sprint)
User Acceptant Test...
Project Completion
Project Completion
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Development Cost Estimation

To get an idea of how much an application would cost, we've put together a simple calculator for you

Web Application

Estimates are for companies with less than 500 employees.

Application Type

Features Required

Contact Development Team

Briefly let us know your requirements, our developers will follow up with you soonest possible.

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