About Us

RecusiveX is the spirit of continuous learning, improvement & creation

RecursiveX, founded in 2017, is a digital consultancy that aims to develop customized software program in accordance to your business demand. We're experienced software engineers who are passionate in communicating your business needs and transforming them into quicker, efficient solutions. By focusing on our core strength— IT and business, we pledge to provide a wide range of robust business software solution.

RecursiveX specializes in business process reengineering that helps to streamline your business endeavors. Our expertise ranges from accelerating time-consuming activities and simplifying complex processes to maximizing your business potential. Technology is growing exponentially with smarter and ever more innovative solutions being introduced every year. Our goal is then to revolutionize current business system. Helping your company to adapt, either revamping it from within or simply replacing it with a brand-new digital solution. Our company encourages sincere communication and focuses on the bigger picture. We aim to partner up, collaborate and produce a win-win situation.

Lastly, we are an inclusive team that is still growing humbly in size. We pride ourselves as an independent self-starter with a passionate thirst for helping business partner to expand and innovate.

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