Brand Story

Inspired by an innate ability to solve complex problem, RecursiveX’s founder is filled with entrepreneurial spirt but was in all ways, similar to any millennials in this modern era.

Overwhelmed by the future while ambitious by the heart, our founder is obsessed with the normalcy of writing code and creating programs. By working his way through helping people and exploring different partnership, our founder had managed to render his talent into something profound.

Our founder strongly believes in the notion where smart repetition translates into utter greatness. When an algorithm is repeated through an ‘X’ amount of time, a more focused and data-driven result will be produced. Hence, our company name, RecursiveX.

About Us

RecursiveX, founded in 2017, is a digital consultancy that aims to develop customized software program in accordance to your business demand.

We are a bunch of coding aficionados who are passionate in communicating your business needs and transforming them into quicker, efficient solutions. By focusing on our core strength— IT and business, we pledge to provide a wide range of robust business software solution.

RecursiveX specializes in business process reengineering that helps to streamline your business endeavors. Our expertise ranges from accelerating time-consuming activities and simplifying complex processes to maximizing your business potential.

Technology is growing exponentially with smarter and ever more innovative solutions being introduced every year. Our goal is then to revolutionize current business system. Helping your company to adapt, either revamping it from within or simply replacing it with a brand-new digital solution.

Our company encourages sincere communication and focuses on the bigger picture. We aim to partner up, collaborate and produce a win-win situation.

Lastly, we are an inclusive team that is still growing humbly in size. We pride ourselves as an independent self-starter with a passionate thirst for helping business partner to expand and innovate. Come and chat with us now. Find out how RecursiveX can enhance your business capabilities.

Our Vision

To facilitate a community that thrives both in life & work

We aim to create a community that strikes a balance between life and work. A community that values the importance of getting quality work done while leading a purposeful life.

Our Mission

Provide Great Services

We aim to provide consultancy services that are in tuned with your business needs to produce impactful results.

Build Great Products

We aim to drive innovative IT solutions in scaling up your business model based on our knowledge and insight in the industry.

Strengthen & Expand Our Talent Pool

Enhance current workforce and explore potential talents to continuously create exciting and innovative solutions.

To Drive New Frontier & Break Boundaries

Consolidate our resources and consistently strive to stay ahead of the technology game.

Our Core Values

We stand by strongly our values to facilitate a continuous delivery of quality products and services. We strive to promote longevity in conducting businesses and sustainability in engaging relationships.

Passionate About Everything We Do

Never stop growing and learning. Love what we do and keep on striving.

Trust & Candor

Be truthful among the community and be open to voice up. Build trust and credibility along the way.

Uphold Strong Integrity

Always serve with good intention and strong principle.

Bring Reliability and Competency to the Table

Make sure things are done in a timely yet effective manner.

Wear the Customer’s Shoes

We treat you as our business partner and strive to understand your business outlook. We promise to produce the most effective digital solution relevant to your business needs.